Monday, June 1, 2015

[ODA] How to create a database in Oracle Database Appliance on an existing Oracle Home

Is not the same… there are different opinions about creating databases in ODA (Oracle Database Appliance). There are Team oackli and Team DBCA. Regarding ODA, I'm totally supporting Team oackli.

As far as I read, when you create databases in ODA with DBCA tool, some "hidden parameters"  are not set in the parameter file of your database (for me this is an urban legend, but let's believe it for this time). So the guide recommends you create your database with the oackli tool. (very ODA)

First let’s create a parameter file, from root execute the following syntax:

[root@my-oda1 ~]# oakcli create db_config_params -conf odadb17
Please select one of the following for Database Block Size  [1 .. 4]:
1    => 4096
2    => 8192
3    => 16384
4    => 32768
Selected value is: 8192

Specify the  Database Language (1. AMERICAN 2. Others) [1]:1
Selected value is: AMERICAN

Specify the  Database Characterset (1. AL32UTF8 2. Others) [1]:2

If you need another character set different than AL32UTF8, you will need to enter “0” until you find the number that match the character set that you need, in my case I needed WE8ISO8859P1, which number is 95 (from 116 Characterset). Fact, you need to choose the number characterset in the range given by the tool to avoid this error: