Monday, July 28, 2014

[RUEI] No Data on Collector

The network administrator configure a SPAN Port for one network interface on your RUEI Server, you tested it using the operating system command tcpdump (validating that the traffic from your applications have outputs) and you do not see any results on your RUEI web console:

1. Connect as the $RUEI_USER on your Reporter system.
2. Execute the following commands:
execsql config_set_profile_value wg System packetfilter rawfilter replace "eth_all~(tcp)~or~(vlan~and~(tcp))"
execsql config_set_profile_value wg System packetfilter filterformat replace "tcpdump"
3. Restart the RUEI data processing using this commands:
project -stop wg
project -start wg
Note: My RUEI architecture is all deployed on the same server. I only have one Collector (which profile is System). If you have other Collector you should follow these steps on that Collector too but using the correct profile name.